The understanding of things

 The understanding of things around us has to do many times with our personal perceptual capacity of the environment and interactions we have with this.Our technology has helped us to approach objectively explanation and effective documentation of these interactions to a level that we can insert
common sense so together we can draw conclusions for explaining many phenomena.

 But even with the help of technology often some phenomena remain
unexplained unacceptable in to draw conclusions no matter if in our own visa
we give a theoretical definition of the phenomenon.
This theoretical determination has a purely instrumental character in order to
create acceptance phenomenon aesthetically for the investigator but also to
investigate in depth over time and research to explain and identified and
entered into a framework of common sense to explain and document.

 There are phenomena that even now there are not sufficiently explained and given that the deficient is not documentation means that we don't have an explanation.

 Sometimes there are phenomena that simply categorized and identified theoretical from their joint behaviors.Namely there is a background of an "archetypal" behavior and interaction but can not explain the reason, purpose and composition of the phenomenon.The theoretical determination of such phenomena are perceived their behavior aesthetically but are not substantiated it creates a completely different context which has nothing to do with the framework of common sense ,of course we can maintain a dialog box but will remain in the "I think" or "I believe" introducing several times elements which have nothing to do with objectivity.

These components often have to do with negativity or full acceptance of the
phenomenon metaphysical which means that we going far away from the
common sense and introduce innovations or doctrinal beliefs in that we are
more pleasing aesthetic basis of interaction that we experienced and our
mental background.
The recording and investigation of paranormal phenomena has many pitfalls
and the worst is the investigator becomes "believer" to the phenomena rather than trying to analyze and interact in depth in order to understand them.

On the other there is the risk of "denial" in which a investigator does not accept the phenomenon and skips giving rational explanations but which are completely theoretical and not the result of proper analysis of the phenomenon and are not connected with this objective, resulting from personal beliefs.

John Koniaris-investigator/researcher

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