The synchronicity of the "paranormal" phenomena and their periodicity.

The synchronicity of the "paranormal" phenomena is directly related to us and the space and the periodic fluctuations of the space itself and the psychosomatic condition we are.
 While a researcher tries to operate in a constant research psychology, the ordinary visitor is more likely psychosomatic, always in relation to the stimuli it receives from the area located.

 Very areas happen to have the same or similar background in manifested and experienced by visitors, which means that there is a predisposition or because of the information (evidence, knowledge base) as transposed visitors or that space has some property acquired by reason of different parameters that are ever evolving, meaning that space itself has properties that create those experiences experiential knowledge base regardless of the transferred information to the visitor in former times.
 One of the most important questions you need to pose a researcher is when time and space. Naturally, this question must also have the appropriate conditions having to do with the historical research of the area before putting such a question but also the behavior of the site periodically.
 But let stand if we are dealing with experiences phenomena have the same background as phenomena but archetypal experienced the same from different people who have different backgrounds.Here we have many parameters, the geometry of space, the visual aesthetic atmosphere, the natural atmosphere and the quality of the switch "scenes", the long stay in the room or occasional residence and the sonic behavior of space.

 All these interact unconsciously or consciously with sensory and mind. Also important factor that can affect the human conditional is geomagnitismos and geomorphological properties that may exist.
 The challenge in the aforementioned ultimately what is? Does all this strengthen and create high chances to "work" a mechanism in us that we do not know and has finally resulted in something live virtual? or just experiencing something that does exist and enhanced basis of the above?
We can say that synchronicity is nothing but a convocation of many parameters that generate a score based on periodicity.

 Therefore we conclude that synchronicity is the result of one frequency parameter switching status as mentioned before and this trying to reach the researcher is a kind of synchronization with the site,nor with fear but not to underestimate him to eventually understand and appreciate more the basis of the methodology that follows what happens eventually.

Synchronicity is real reality for those who have eyes to see it.
Carl Jung (1875-1961, Swiss psychiatrist)

John Koniaris  paranormal investigator

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