The abandoning of the building makes the building haunted?

This is a question at least in terms how the average person of the urban environment perceives disrepair and abandoned buildings may be an interpretative response.Abandoned buildings and sites within the urban environment after years of abandonment unless the breeding ground that give rise to marginal activities and one "paranormal" aura which initially has the explanation.

 The first feature is the logistical degradation of a building over the years which changes the appearance of  given to building one eerie aspect which excites the imagination of people, also created one disgust and curiosity, in short fear, disgust and curiosity, a mixture of emotions where only few will embrace and try to manage it in order to explore such a place. An important feature is beyond the sight and the wider region, ie if a ruined building can enhance their psychological influence aesthetically up human reason the site eg eg isolated position is and environmentally around.Another feature that gives his own explanation basis of many theories is the human presence and the history that took place within such a building over the years that were operating, a sanatorium, a hospital, and even the use of the building for other purposes unrelated to the original purpose built.

Looking back at the occupation era buildings are scattered by all Greece which served as headquarters of the Nazi which took terrible events such as torture and executions.Such buildings were usually luxurious buildings of the era and main buildings of the administration of each Party where the occupation forces had commandeered for their own purposes. Oftentimes the victims of executions were buried to avoid delay reasons the spot in the building environment.As such, the stories which involved events that have to do with atrocities pain and generally with strong negative feelings stigmatize a location or a building that was an area where these events unfolded.

 If we combine and disrepair of such increases by psychological influence and here we have two more factors, not only the aesthetic factor and the emotions which create word of "heavy" story.Besides the above we have another element that increases the emotional and along the side of fear. The social environment ie the reproduction of stories as transposed by word of mouth enhancing the creation of myths and urban legents. The theories that have been around the event causes "paranormal" phenomena historian factor of a building or a site takes a very important role over other parameters which have been analyzed to some extent in a previous article.The problem created on the background part is when you no longer have a formal event logging, but we have only rumors, reports and testimonies, when a building is the physical decay that is dilapidated and abandoned.
As known to such parties plays out illegal transactions, drug trafficking, murder and converted as areas of other activities such as ceremonies Satanists, neopaganism but even haunts groups operating beyond the acceptable social framework.

 Generally all of these activities are outside seemingly connection with the history of some space is enough to establish that the "negative" aura where again in conjunction with the social environment be accentuated to the point where it can be overcome and any historical value location or building where part take marginal activities after abandoning.
Many times no need to be "heavy" the story of a party. based theories of "paranormal" can only toggle the state but also the versatility of the individual over time to create "impressions" Namely multilevel time "presence" events that have taken place before and after leaving to have a "charge" of area to such an extent that creates urban legends, enigmas and generally "mystery".

Generally we do not want to close anything let alone when the location "smoldering" itself something beyond the visible and when a building stands abandoned to become the battery of all those things that man socially rejected ... and when we say we mean rejecting as interest ... what is liked and what is not in the collective unconscious of the city that is modulated according to the interests of those who shape the collective unconscious...

John Koniaris
founder/lead investigator of The AfterDark Project team

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