The reasons we have to avoid provoking.

The reasons we have to avoid  provoking are many but we will stand in the psychosomatic condition, the researcher needs to be found during an investigation.

The investigator must have created a neutral state psychologically also be refreshed and healthy. Do not be negative in the expression of phenomena but also to keep a reasonable distance to withstand in order to maintain its ability to continue research by applying the method chosen.

It's too important not to seek agonizingly for"findings".

When trying and anxious for the event then phenomena creates a psychological concern distracting external sensing and the concentration you have to maintain, creating an illusion in yourself.

This illusion has two facets

The first has to do with a sense of security, namely that if it were, that if you manifest the effects would and insignificant on the investigator.

The second case has to do with the sense "at any cost".

In both cases the mistake is the different perception of the person who falls in relation to the area-place that is investigating.The investigator must hold one neutrality in the course of research holding psychology reasonable (calm, understanding, concentration)
then self-assert himself aggressively towards the "space".

Essentially creates intentionally or unintentionally a situation reminiscent of "psychodrama" and begins to emotionally advance himself.

This results in immediate departure from the essence of research in an area where there is evidence for "paranormal" phenomena.

The aggressive behavior can lead to completely wrong conclusions because the human body begins and dressed its functions.

Common as biological function flirt with the state of anger.That means sharp sharpening the senses and incapable of mental clarity that moment to be able to interpret the investigator any sound, visual stimulus or any other behavior of the "space" that investigates .

This results in distortion of the reality around the paranormal investigator.

John Koniaris
founder/lead investigator of the AfterDark Project team.

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