"Spirit box" theory and practice. part 1

In this article we will focus on the so-called spirit box.


The spirit box basically is a radio which continuously scans the radio frequencies by the so-called "sweep", ie changing speed radio frequencies and thus allows any entity to manipulate the device.

How words or phrases heard from the spirit box (how this can be achieve theoretically)?

During the so-called scan produced an audible "construct" which enables the putative entity or spirit to use to create words or even phrases.
Essentially switching of RF can "give" to an entity to use static noise or the words and sounds of the radio stations,which means that the responses that they are heard by the spirit box do not expect everything to be throughout this speech which indicate the identity of the suspected entity (timbre), but can hear phrases such by the radio program where at that time and since we we have a question then the entity (or spirit) will use as a ready solution to give us a response.

During continuous scanning of frequencies what we hear is static noise and low noise "interference" from radio stations but without allowing the normal broadcast.
When we have a response in the "spirit box" then the following phenomenon occurs  ... somehow the scanning speed is slowed or increased while we have chosen swept band of fm or am at a constant speed.
Basis of theory of the "spirit box" means that "something" slows down or speed up the scan for the period necessary to select those audio "fragments" which will create words or phrases.
Also many times none of the two is not the case and simply formed sentences or words from the sound "material" that "gives" the spirit box at that time. Of course the above is happening when the entity has enough "power"(energy) to create words or phrases through the "spirit box".

From theory to practice.

Always the application of a theory is not absolute in practice but always need to give time and to maintain our patience.
The spirit box  is a difficult case as a device because many times the responses that come can not be heard by the investigator and for this reason we need the sessions with the spirit box to be recorded to allow the researcher to listen carefully later.
It is also important after each question be given several seconds margin. During sessions with "spirit box" we need not to be enthusiastic also we need to do not draw conclusions during the "spirit box" session.
It should be said that always will be heard one radio station per intervals somehow which depends on the region and the place that affect the quality of the radio signal.

Various other theories that surround the use of spirit box.

Many researchers have said that many times in locations that has held a session with the spirit box for some reason there was a sharp increase in activity.Many are those who believe that the use of spirit box makes annoying the entities cause from the intense static noise that the "spirit box" produced.
Something that is very important and necessary, and it can be noted that is that the prolonged use of the spirit box for the investigator can cause headaches from the sound spectrum created (static noise, interference).

We need to emphasize that the spirit box is a device that is in the field of so-called ITC devices and that there are several devices that have similar feature which is something that we will expand in the next article.

We as a team what we use?

In The AfterDark Project we using the widely known PSB-7 and recently acquired a M37 V.Soon and other devices will be added in the research "experimental" "arsenal" of our team
on ITC devices.

We should be emphasized that the method of EVP sessions belongs also to this great research "chapter" called ITC.

There are many types of "spirit boxes" where each has certain characteristics which make it distinct from other "spirit boxes" apparatus which is about several times with the addition of different circuits and wirings where they make the device more "susceptible" to
"Opens" a channel of communication with spirits or entities ensuring more "clean" responses based reasoning and theory developed by the "manufacturer".

Many of the spirit box devices which use some teams  is nothing more from radios that are modified to create the so-called "sweep".
One of the most famous is the SUNGEAN DT200V also some old models from Radioshack .Generally a radio which can continuously scan the band that is selected can be used to "named" spirit box.
Of course searching someone can find DIY constructions of "spirit boxes" that they have given  very interesting results.

John Koniaris: founder/lead investigator of the AfterDark Project team


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