Marcello Bacci - Direct Radio Voice (FULL DOCUMENTARY) (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

This documentary explores the groundbreaking ITC research of Marcello Bacci. After more than forty-five years of dedicated Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) research, Marcello Bacci is considered a leading expert in the field.

During his numerous years of experimental work, Bacci has tested various ITC methods and many technical devices. In the beginning he made microphone recordings (in the same manner as Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive). Over the years his research evolved, and he conducted many ITC experiments using newly developed devices.

More recently (over the course of the past thirty or so years), Bacci has been conducting Direct Radio Voice (DRV) experiments using an old Nordmende valve radio. His DRV experiments (including the astonishing results the experiments have produced) are perhaps what he is best known for.

For years, thousands of grieving parents from around the world have visited Marcello Bacci's ITC experiment center (where he conducts public ITC experiments on a monthly basis). Many say they can hear the voices of their deceased children speaking through his radio.

Meaningful apports have also mysteriously appeared for these parents during Marcello's public experiments. An "apport" is an object or article that is transferred from one place to another (via paranormal means). "Apports" are also described as objects or articles that are paranormally transferred from an unknown source. Apports have traditionally been associated with séances.

Scientific investigations into Marcello Bacci's ITC research have included voiceprint analysis using FBI software. Recordings of people's voices before they died have been compared to those emerging from Bacci's radio. Some of these comparisons have produced a 97% match.
The phenomena experienced at Marcello's ITC experiment center has brought a great deal of solace to the bereaved. It is important to note that Marcello never asks for money (or any other type of compensation) in return for his work. His commitment to his research is tireless, and his motives are selfless. He will undoubtedly go down in history as a legendary figure in the ITC community.


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